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How Our Service Works

Home At Last Senior Placement Services

We Make Finding Senior Housing Simple

Our Senior Living Advisors

Finding the right solution for your loved one can be a challenging ordeal. From where to begin to which questions to ask, the list of considerations can be overwhelming. And while it’s not a simple process, with the right guidance, it’s not insurmountable either. Our Senior Living Advisors understand all of the elements that go into finding the right living arrangements for seniors and the people who love them.

Unlike many of the larger placement agencies, our Senior Living Advisors have deep ties within our local community and can use those connections to access better care and living arrangements for our clients. Families can take comfort in knowing that their loved ones will be handled with the care they deserve.

The Process

Our senior placement services are always offered free of charge and are accessible to anyone in need of placement advice or assistance.


Free Consultation

Our free consultation will allow you to discuss the lifestyle preferences, care needs, location, and financial factors of you and your loved one.


Personalized Solutions

Personalized solutions based on your requirements will be provided along with a plan to visit senior living communities suitable for your needs.


Touring the Communities

Our team will schedule and escort you for community tours to help make an informed decision. We will be there every step of the way.


The Transition

Once you choose the right living arrangement, we can help you with making your move as seamless as possible.